The End of the Shelfie

In the face of a pandemic, economic collapse, and climate change, Instagram photos of shelves crowded with skin-care products appear out of touch.

Credit: Anna Efetova / Getty Images

Today’s shelfies reveal little more than our collective obsession with stuff — an obsession that’s good for the skin-care industry, but arguably less good for the skin, the psyche, and general sustainability.

So why doesn’t everyone just stop it with all the skin-care products, already?

Like selfies before them, shelfies have come to represent something deeper than décor; to “communicate one’s perceived identity,” as psychologist Nneoma G. Onyedire writes.



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Jessica DeFino

Jessica DeFino is a beauty reporter covering natural, holistic, sustainable skincare. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Vogue, Allure, & more.